About Us

As a Samoan family owned business, producing memorial products, we are humble to admit that we are also grieving the loss of our loved one. The beautiful face you see sampling all our products in our store and website is our selfless, kind-hearted mother and late wife of our father.
In 2009, we were faced with the news that flipped our world upside down and within 6 months we gained our very own guardian Angel. Our first loss leaving a full-time working father with 8 children and youngest only 6yrs old. We have struggled tremendously without the heart of our family. Nothing prepared us for a loss like this.
12 years on, it is now 2022. The child who struggled the most with depression and suicide is now the founder of In Loving Memory NZ, the 6 year old is now in University studying business and the administrator/manager of our company. Our goal now is to retire our father and make him the proud owner of this incredible business we’ve built through our own journey of grief.
We aim to deliver everything we would have wanted at our mothers funeral which is a unique send off. Every order is made as if it was made for ourselves.

We thank you for allowing us to invest more in our business which continues to give back to you all but most importantly be apart of you and your families next chapter. You will make it through this and you will find a light in this dark time. We are living proof of that.
We look forward to taking care of you all with much love and hope we can help you celebrate the wonderful life of your loved one.